Energetic Regulator


The Regulator Personality are the power crazed people. They are early arrivers (welllllll im late for appointments sometimes), They are goal setters, They do not like big groups, they like to dress up, They like to "get to the point". They are people that when you cross the line; If it done its done, They erase people from their memory, They are bulldozers, they plow through, They are task oriented; if you want the job done go to them, They do not admit they made mistakes because they are perfect, They have to be in control, They are impulsive decision makers and they are their favorite person.

I would tell you more about this personalities and the other two but i am soooo sleepy and tiredn now.
Goodnite :) 

Hair Artsy creation ;)

I have a couple of months left at capelli, I am sooo looking forward to finishing the program. It is fun learning color theory (it is hardddd but my favorite), nail theory, long hair design... but i can not wait to move to the big city and do my thing as a hair stylist. :-D

                   MY NEW FAVORITE; BEACH WAVES



my first ever male design

My Artsy creation

  Couple of throw pillows i made with ankara. Decorated in my living room nobody really ever uses except my dad.

  Earrings made with beads from Nigeria ; coral beads and i dont remember the name of the others.

LATEST NEWS ...lol...sooo I have been thinking about starting to paint and draw again. I still draw but on scrap paper when im bored or distracted but i am going to get myself busy with a real project. :-D

Happy me...

WOW!!! Its been so long. Well hello :)
K so alottt has happened in the last couple of months; Great things
My cutting skills are soooo good, I am a great hairstylist :) (TOOTING MY OWN HORN) lol..., I will be styling a brides hair in july; yahhh!!! so excited, I am a year older, I have some new amazing people in my life andddddddddddddd the birth of a beautiful, handsome baby boy.
Thankyou lord :-)