Haute Couture!! fashion show...."PERFECT VENUE"

El'mai is going to be involved in a fashion show with destyne and d famous Black pearl, 2 months from today and we are making progress...yea!!!...lol.
We went to see a couple of venues yesterday and saw one today and we loved, loved, loved it...Exactly wat we wanted....:-).
The stage is beautiful and floor is a nice size and also has above ground sitting (nice)...lol... There is also a really nice dressing room for models and backstage people. nice comfy couches and its pretty sweet in there. I'm all excited!!!...

I'm out.....:p

If u dont like something about urself (inside and out) change it.

So vee (el'mai model) nd I have this little tradition; we try and do something fun on fridays or saturdays. A week ago we went to a cosmetic store and my friend decicided to get her makeup done HERSELF in the store...lol...nd I wanted a LIP PLUMPER. Okay i'm sure u thinking "y wud u want a lip plumper expecially with ur race" but I just did.... I liked the way it looked when i tried it on but i didnt get it.
Y?, cos the plumper really jus makes ur lips look 14% fuller and i really didnt see any difference, it was all in my head. lol...
okay but i believe if u r not very comfortable with any part of ur body u really have the option to change it and also if ur personality doesnt make u comfortable, change; not for anybody else but for YOU...

i'm out!!!