Black clothings!!!...

My amazing mom gave me this book a while ago and i have been using it as a guide.This book is a treasure to me cos it was passed down to me. yahhhh!!!...:-)
So i would like to share a little secret 'bout BLACK clothing....
The reason most women and girls wear or own a number of black tops and dresses is cos we are trying look slimmer or avoid insecure parts from being visible. lol.
My little book explains why we are kinda wrong about the whole "black" dress, top thing.
The most slimming colors you can wear are those closest to the centre of the spectrum - green and blue, but brighter warm tones like red, yellow and orange make your figure appear larger, because they give the impression that it is actually nearer than it is, and the eye has to adjust. Black gives the illusion of being heavy, it can emphasize an outline and isnt such a slimming aid as we imagine.
I believe "Janet Impey" is saying If we are trying to slim any part of our body we sud choose medium to dark colors and use bright colors to attract the eyes else where.

IS SKINNY JEANS FOR skinny or curvy people???....hmmmm!!!

Victoria beckham and Alicia keys, two very beautiful women with very unique, individual styles.
I over heard a couple of ppl talking 'bout how skinny jeans is for jus skinny ppl. As we all know alicia keys is a thick curvy very beautiful woman who always looks good in whatever she wears. The picture above is alicia and Victoria wearing similar skinny jeans (color similar too.) and in my opinion they both look really good.
I am thick and curvy and i am not a huge fan of skinny jean cos, i have to pull it up, jump, stretch my legs and do the spilts too (lol seriously). But, when its completely up there its looks gooooD!!!...
SO, anyone can pull of anything whether skinny or curvy as long as u carry urself well, with ur head held high and got the right swag!...:-))..<3


Brown leather wedge shoes with skinny jeans. So simple YET so hot. <3 <3 <3 it.....

Photoshoot for HAUTE COUTURE fashion..

Fashion show was so good...MODEL: Varaidzo Munyoro was really amazing "acted like a professional model" :-)) <3

Dress was designed with prints by BLACKPEARL
Dress was designed with a bow (made with ankara and aso oke) and a little checked sign design (made with aso oke)  by EL' MAI (me!!!) ...:))

It was an amazing photo shoot and we went on the streets of Winnipeg for some pictures too...:-))