EL'MAI in Lagos

Hey... I have been away for too long but I have a very good excuse.
I moved back to Nigeria, well the plan was to move to Toronto but things changed for the better.

It has been really Exciting, Crazy, Busy and Fun. The difference is so much it is ridiculous by the way the traffic in Lagos is not as bad as people say but there is traffic o (you should expect that from a metropolitian city). I started driving my self to in less than a month of being here. yah!!! me.

The only thing i dont like about being in Nigeria is people dont keep to time at all....that pisses me off so much.

Work; Hair, Fashion, Beauty; My career has grown faster than i expected.
I worked with at a beauty clinic the first two months i got here just to get a hang of how things work here; that was positive in its own way.
Now I have my own space and I cant wait to start recieving clients.
I did some work for Lolavita Hair (soooo exciting and Busyyy!!!).
I am going to be in a Fashion show in August. (I cant wait)
I am working on something for thisday style (I have such amazing ideas ...fingers crossed)
I am working on my own hair and skin product line.
I will be doing some travelling soon to look at other ideas...
bla bla bla bla.....I am rambling. ( all by Gods Grace).

Neways i got to GO.!!!...