One of the things that pisses me off so much is, some girl bringing a jacked up weave and expects me to perform a miracle. Oh and its worse when jacked up synthetic weave has been used over and over again, that is just a NO! NO!.
Girls with good hair ROCK IT.
Girls like me who are trying to bring their hair back to life...lol....PLS PLS and PLS make sure ur weave looks good and take care of your real hair too...

Oh and do not mix synthetic and human hair...NO!.. If you cant afford human hair well use the synthetic but do not think u can curl it or straighten it cos it will BURN!!!!...lol...and do not use ur synthetic hair more than once. DONT!!!...

And what pisses me more than anything DO NOT MIX DIFFERENT TYPES OF CURLS and different textures of hair....it look messed up.Why do girls even do that???

Neways, if got nice hair rock it and if u dont or u just want a weave, still take care of ur real hair.
And when u go to buy hair, ASK questions even if the sales person is being a B**8*.