My new 9am -5pm ....:-)

                           Meet Betty. one of  my four mannequins.
So my new experience has started and so far so good. I love being in cosmetology school. The past and a half weeks has been fun and pretty easy; not too much pressure. So I have covered how to use rollers, blowdrying (there is actually a technical way of blowdrying) lol, shampooing and head massage, hair anatomy; Different reasons why hair won't grow, why hair is thin, damaged etc. And yesterday was a little challenging; using the curling iron, yes yes yes i know you think its so easy but using a professional curling iron aint so easy; it is veryyyy different but with practice i'm sure ill most def. get the hang of it. I got burnt 6 times, arghhhh but the result was very good. My instructor said "Your hair design is so gossip girlish, you should work in the upper east side of manhattan" yahhh me. :-)
Full head; curled up with a curling iron.      

Another of my long hair designs..